Welcome to my blog!

Hi there dear visitor!

Why to write a blog these days? What´s the point?

Well, for me it´s pretty simple:

I just heard "You are lucky" too many times.

I am, I already know that. But here´s some good news: you are lucky too.

Luck is not something meant for a few but to all of us who are awake enough to see oportunities passing in front of our eyes. I just knew what I wanted:

To be able to decide about my own life.

I didn´t want to ask a boss if I am able to go to travel the world or explain to him/her that I want to take a day off just to spend it with my daughter, or even if I´m sick or too tired to work. The list of examples can go on and on.

And here´s a fact:

Nobody can control your life but you.

This is the decision I made and I´m ready to help all of you that want to achieve the same.


Are you ready to start?

Coming soon...