Bookmoji (2017-Present) – Game design, character design, props and accessories

Bookmoji in action

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Real examples of Bookmojis.

Character design, Adjustable skin and eyes colors

Character design, customizable hairstyles in different colors

Bookmoji on horse rider outfit with winning horse

Cartoon Clothes for Dress-up, Tops, bottoms, overwear, shoes, eyewear

Dress-up combinable cartoon clothes, tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets, shoes

Dress-up combinable cartoon superhero outfits

Dress-up combinable armours and outfits: knight, astronaut, superhero, dracula

Character design vectors, Pets design, dogs animal cartoons, dogs accessories cartoons

Character design vectors, Pets design, cats and felines animal cartoons, tiger cartoon

Character design, Horses design, zebras and horses animal cartoons

Character design, Pets design, birds, squirrels and geckos, animal cartoons

Character design, underwater animal cartoons design, fishbowl, narwhale, fish, dolphin, penguins, sea turtle cartoon

Character design, Dinosaur cartoons, Dragon cartoons

Character design, animal cartoons snowhite animals, abominable snowman cartoon, green octopus alien cartoon, elephant cartoon, mamut cartoon, giraffe cartoon, camel cartoon, gorilla cartoon, alligator cartoon

Character design, animal cartoons design, three little piggies

Cartoon Car Design, Cartoon Taxi, Cartoon Pink Cadillac, Cartoon Race Car Yellow, Cartoon Safari Truck Green, Cartoon Golf Cart, Cartoon Prehistoric Car

Game Design, Props and assets for game, cartoon bike, artist canvas, brushes, cartoon pirate treasure chest, cartoon drumkit, cartoon easter basket, cartoon cauldron witch, cartoon cupcakes