"Patch And Marlon’s Iconic Adventures" (2016) –
Game Design, GUI, Background Design, Character Design & Animation

Game Design, GUI, Main Menu screen

GUI Design, New game screen (left) and Parent´s panel screen (right)

Background Design, Game Art, Forest cartoon background, prehistoric background

Game Design, Level Design, Trees, props for games, icons, GUI

Game Design, Level Design, Puzzle design

Game Design, Fight Scene Design, RPG game, cartoon characters

Game Design, Dialogue screen design, Monkey King Character Design

Character Design, 2D Animation, Patch, Kid cartoon, Skater boy cartoon

Watch the full process of Patch´s creation!

Character design, chameleon cartoon, animal cartoon design, 2D animation, Marlon

Character design: King Clovis, Monkey cartoon, King of monkeys, animal cartoon design

Character design: Pombo, Monkey cartoon design, big monkey prehistoric, dumb character