Equus Area (2020-Present)
Illustration, Character Design & Product Design

Bookelicious Bookmoji (2017-Present)
Game design, Character design, Dress-up App

Bookelicious "Jazzy" (2018)
Character design, animal cartoons, illustration

Patch and Marlon´s Iconic Adventures (2017)
Game design, cartoon Character Design, GUI, Background design, Animation

The History of Reiki for kids (2016)
Illustration, cartoons and anime, video design, copywriting

Alien Shootout Game (2015)
Game design, cartoon character design, GUI, Background design, Level Design

Clever Ever - The Discovery (2019)
Game design, GUI, Background design, Level Design

Slot Machines (2017)
Game design, Animal Character Design, Background Design, GUI

The Historian Flamingo (2017)
Illustration, animal Character Design, animation, video design

Sums2Go (2016)
Game design, character design, props, animation

Caricature collection (2015-Present)
Illustration, drawing, cartoons

Paintings and Drawings (2015-Present)
Oils / acrylics, sketches, studies